JUNKER Group Continues to Expand Product Diversity


JUNKER, ZEMA, and LTA exhibit their latest machines and equipment under the JUNKER Group umbrella during the IMTS in Chicago from September 8 – 13. The Brazilian grinding machine manufacturer ZEMA partners since May on a global basis with the German manufacturer of precision grinding machines. As an introduction of the partnership, ZEMA is presenting the cylindrical grinding machine Numerika G-800 at its IMTS premiere. JUNKER will be exhibiting a Lean Selection cam machine for non-cylindrical grinding at the joint trade show booth, while LTA will be demonstrating its filtration systems.

Non-cylindrical grinding of camshafts with the JUNKER Lean
Selection cam JUNKER is very widely represented in the automotive manufacturing sector. Since Junker prides itself on being the Partner for Precision, it should come as no surprise that the portfolio has been expanded to include non-cylindrical grinding of camshafts for low to medium lot sizes. Through the use of up to two high-performance grinding spindles, bearings journals and cam lobes can be rough and finish ground in a single clamping set-up. High powered grinding spindles in combination with proven CBN grinding technology guarantee for highest removal rates and performance.
The Lean Selection cam is capable of grinding all cam lobe profiles and geometries at high-speed – from concave to elliptical – and is suitable to manufacture everything from prototypes to large production runs.

Cylindrical Grinding with the ZEMA Numerika G-800
ZEMA will be demonstrating at the IMTS just how its Numerika G-800 accomplishes the precision grinding of cardan shafts. This durable cylindrical grinding machine with its hydrostatic X and Z axes and hydrostatic grinding spindle reaches tightest tolerances reliably and is suited for an unlimited array of work pieces. In addition, ZEMA also offers machines for ID/OD grinding and large shafts with diameters of up to 1 meter (40 inch) and up to 4 meters (157 inch) length. The conversational control systems (Fanuc Based) offered by ZEMA are extremely operator friendly, simple and convenient to use.

Clean Air with the LTA
In close collaboration with machine and plant engineers, LTA develops and produces air filters and fire protection systems for machine tools. LTA offers single machine units up to complete plant systems. Not only electrostatic filter systems for oil and water based machine coolant mist exhaustion, but also static filter systems for a variety of mediums are offered. LTA is a leader in the industry of mist exhaustion systems for decades.

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