Iwis develops products, processes to keep chains performing optimally 

The right relubrication for extended chain life. (Courtesy: iwis)

For a chain to have a long service life without wear-related loss of performance, it needs to be serviced and lubricated regularly.

Maintenance and lubrication intervals should be strictly adhered to: about two thirds of all chain failures can be prevented by suitable relubrication, so selecting the right (re)lubricant is the most important factor in guaranteeing a long service for the chain, since the individual links of a chain act as bearings while the constantly oscillating chain is in operation. Inadequate lubrication and additional contamination can cause a reduction of chain performance to as little as 20 percent of its full potential, thereby reducing service life more than any other influencing factors.

Iwis drive systems produce precision roller and conveyor chains for industrial applications in the field of general machine engineering, plant engineering, the packaging, printing, and food industries, and conveyor technology. In recent years, the recognized chain specialist has conducted intensive research into solutions that prolong chain service life, as well as developing its own range of lubricants. On the solid basis of countless trials on specially designed test apparatus and close cooperation with reputable lubricant manufacturers, iwis is a reliable expert partner for all aspects of chain lubrication. A combination of a suitable lubricant and the appropriate lubrication process ensures a measurable reduction of wear and additional corrosion protection.

Important information on the correct use of lubricants is available from iwis engineers and for download in the iwis flyer “Lubrication solutions” (on the company website), which contains checklists with possible warning signs, tips on optimum lubricant dosage, preparing chains for lubrication, applying lubricants and selecting the ideal lubrication point, and recommendations for the right lubricant — depending on the respective application and chain type used. The choice of initial lubricant is equally important and is taken into consideration accordingly. The iwis flyer also gives maintenance staff valuable hints for their day-to-day work in a compact, well-organized form.

Iwis also offers solutions for applications that do not permit relubrication. The bushes of maintenance-free JWIS MEGAlife chains are made from sintered material, so the lubricant is retained in the chain joint long-term. Chains stay dry on the outside, but the joint is always well lubricated – and JWIS b.dry stainless steel chains require no lubricant.

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