Helios introduces TM 250-CNC gear deburring machine

The Helios TM 250-CNC machine offers versatile, productive solution for gear chamfer-deburring. (Courtesy: Helios Gear Products)

The Helios TM 250-CNC machine from Tecnomacchine brings together two fundamental strategies that empower manufacturers to deburr gears more productively.

“For many job shops, smaller lot sizes and a higher mix of part numbers make a fully automated solution difficult to justify,” said Dave Harroun, vice president of Helios Gear Products. “But with the right feature set, such as the TM 250-CNC, manufacturers can deburr gears more profitably than ever before.”

The TM 250-CNC evolves from the proven “250 strategy,” which uses a rotary table with twin work spindles to minimize idle machine time, thus maximizing potential productivity. Machining is performed on one work spindle while the other is simultaneously unloaded and loaded manually. Interestingly, this configuration allows the machine to easily adapt in the future to an automatic loading strategy via robot, cobot (collaborative robot), pick-and-place, or other systems. The TM 250 shifts the paradigm from a fully manual deburring process to one equipped with a machine tool that allows next-level quality and productivity.

Secondly, the TM 250-CNC adds a “CNC strategy,” which enables setup personnel to store all tool spindle parameters. These include radial, axial, and tangential positions, as well as tool speed, direction, and pressure. Crucially, this allows a single setup per part number, which can be consistently and reliably repeated simply by loading a program. With CNC ability, the TM 250 becomes a versatile workhorse for any gear manufacturers with a high mix of part types.

“For manufacturers of medium- to high-mix gear types, the TM 250-CNC offers a versatile, productive solution for chamfer-deburring,” said Adam Gimpert, president of Helios Gear Products.

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