DVS offers powerful, precise grinding wheels and dressing rolls

DVS Naxos Diskus offers different disc variants that can be used with the new abrasive grain generations for internal grinding. (Courtesy: DVS Technology Group)

The DVS Technology Group and its subsidiaries are offering a turnkey solution for internal and bore grinding as a milestone for future mobility.

The iCompact from Buderus combines a modern design, a solid construction, and the most efficient hard finishing technologies all within a small footprint of only 7.5 square meters. And to get the most out of the machine, the abrasives specialists at DVS Naxos Diskus have developed an entire series of vitrified bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels that are tailored to the grinding process required for the iCompact, which provides the foundation for further increasing the precision and repeatability of the machine tool processes. The wheels also enable the processing of materials with hardnesses well in excess of 60 HRC. And they also help to significantly decrease the dressing and profiling intervals on the iCompact. Optionally, the grinding wheels can be manufactured straight and with a coarse profile in order to reduce the time required for wheel changeovers. This further increases the productivity of the iCompact.

DVS Naxos Diskus offers CBN grinding wheels that maximize the service life when it comes to grinding bores. In addition to diamonds, CBN (cubic boron nitride) is another super-hard abrasive. The CBN grinding wheels from DVS Naxos Diskus have stood the test of time in real-world applications over many years and combine high process stability with higher cutting performance.

The product range from DVS Naxos Diskus includes cylindrical grinding wheels or grinding wheels based on user drawings. They can be mounted via the bore or on a steel or carbide spindle. To find the ideal grinding solution in each case, the application engineers at the abrasives specialist work in close cooperation with the customer.

Dressing tools made of CBN and diamond complement the product portfolio of DVS Naxos Diskus. They are used for the economical dressing of grinding wheels in different bonding systems. When used in the Buderus iCompact, they offer maximum accuracy in the dressing process. Grinding wheel dressing produces precise concentricity and a correct geometric shape on the grinding wheel. Dressing is also used for profiling or calibrating grinding wheels. It also removes impurities from the grinding wheels caused by material abrasion and the blunted abrasive grits, and it lays bare sharp abrasive grits.

Diamond dressing rolls have different diamond designs. Today, industrial diamonds made of MKD, CVD, and PCD are increasingly taking the place of natural stones. This is due to the fact that the defined shape of industrially manufactured diamonds ensures a steady and reproducible quality over the entire service life. CNC-controlled form rolls are used particularly for small and medium-sized series or prototype applications because CNC control facilitates changes in the production process.

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