Glebar expands service offerings to improve outcomes for customers


Glebar Company announced the expansion of its service programs designed to improve outcomes for its customers globally.

The Glebar Customer Care service programs are an extension of Glebar’s effort to establish, maintain, and grow value-added partnerships with its customers. At the core of every service program is 24/7 phone support, remote diagnostics, field service, software upgrades, annual preventive health checks, and periodic training sessions.

For the most comprehensive coverage, Glebar recommends the Glebar Total Care program. In addition to the core service offerings, Glebar Total Care also provides bi-annual preventive maintenance health checks for your machine and process development support which includes parts for the program’s duration.

The most recent offering, Glebar Total Care+, is a premier program combining a precision centerless or electrochemical grinder and the Glebar Total Care service program. Glebar Total Care+ strengthens preventive maintenance programs, application development, and training efforts while seamlessly integrating into your supply chain.

“In today’s manufacturing environment, self-performing service and maintenance are becoming increasingly difficult,” said Mark Scanel, VP and GM of Glebar customer care. “Customers are looking for more full-service capabilities, and we are continuously evolving to meet their needs.”