GF Machining Solutions to feature speed, precision at EASTEC


GF Machining Solutions will spotlight  mold and die as well as job shop applications at EASTEC 2021, October 19-21. For optimizing part processing within those industry sectors, the company will demonstrate the speed, precision, and surface finishing capabilities of its 5-axis  Mikron MILL S 200 U and its FORM E 350 compact die sinking EDM.

The Mikron MILL S 200 U is a combination of linear, rotating, and swiveling axes that allows shops to shorten production time with a single part-clamping and 5-axis machining strategy. The machine’s Automated Machine Calibration (AMC) and cooling system also ensure the highest precision part surface finishes to reduce the need for secondary manual part polishing operations.

As standard, the AMC system makes it possible for an operator to quickly calibrate the machine at any time.  A powerful 50,000-rpm Step-Tec spindle allows the Mikron MILL S 200 U to tackle both rough milling and drilling operations while increasing metal removal rates to help shops reduce manufacturing costs. Its table swivels from -120 to +30 degrees. A rigid, stable C-frame cast-iron machine construction reduces vibrations.

Sporting the smallest sinker EDM footprint, the FORM E 350 boasts several design and performance features that enhance a shop’s competitive advantage. Its sturdy C-axis construction, cross table and cast-iron    frame offer high stability and force reduction, which helps maintain a precise spark gap between the part and the electrode. Regardless of part weight or dielectric volume, the machine delivers consistent accuracy. Integrated glass scales preserve long-term repeatability and eliminate the need for recalibration as well as any errors found in traditional screw systems.

The latest-generation Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG) on the FORM E 350 excels at superior surface finishes and precision applications in any conductive material.

Designed for high efficiency, the machine features a programmable dielectric management system with a 270-liter capacity integrated inside the machine cabinet. This system fills and empties the work tank without human intervention to keep the machine in production and is easy to access for routine maintenance.