Front and back chamfer with Big Kaiser’s Noventa from Sphinx

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling offers Noventa from Sphinx as the newest addition to its milling cutter lineup. (Courtesy: Big Kaiser)

Big Kaiser Precision Tooling introduces Noventa from Sphinx, the newest addition to its milling cutter lineup. It is ideal for 90° front and back chamfering, and deburring holes up to 4xD.

Chamfering the entry and exit of 0.80mm to 6.00mm holes can be a tedious, time-consuming process. The Noventa from Sphinx can transform this process using an innovative geometry that improves cycle time, tool life, and surface quality.   

Finished holes and parts are often deburred using time-consuming, inefficient operations that lack repeatability. Noventa is equipped with four flutes and four coolant channels to optimize performance and cycle time. Outstanding tool life in most common and exotic materials is achieved using modern double-layer coating techniques. This milling tool also provides great surface finish due to its reinforced shank diameter and edge-breaking capabilities — a critical final step to create a part that looks and feels like a finished product and is safe to handle.

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