DIANAMIC Announces Reishauer Distribution Agreement


Based in Troy, Michigan, DIANAMIC Abrasive Products, Inc., has been named exclusive aftermarket distributor of the diamond and cBN dressing tools and wheels manufactured by Reishauer AG.

Reishauer AG has been a leading manufacturer of gear grinding machines for the past 200 years. Its diamond and cBN dressing tools are manufactured in a world-class facility which is devoted to quality and efficient production.

Established in 1985, DIANAMIC is a leading manufacturer of diamond and cBN grinding wheels. Manufacturing is conducted in a modern facility using state of the art electroplating technology, producing some of the world’s highest-quality products.

The Reishauer/DIANAMIC cooperation offers full service for the diamond and cBN dressing tools and grinding wheels utilized on all types of gear grinding machines from manufacturers including Reishauer, Kapp, Gleason, Koepfer, Maag, Mitsubishi, Pfauter, F”ssler, Star SU, Sampuntensili, Bourn & Koch, Nachi, and Liebherr.

For more information visit the DIANAMIC Web site at [www.dianamic.com]. Visit Reishauer online at [www.reishauer.com].