Ceratizit Dragonskin multi-layer tool coating debuts at IMTS

Ceratizit’s Dragonskin coating provides maximum protection against external influences and effectively reduces premature tool wear. (Courtesy: Ceratizit USA)

For optimum protection against wear for long tool life, temperature resistance, and process reliability, Ceratizit USA Inc presented its Dragonskin multi-layer tool coating at IMTS. The high-performance coating is based on nanolayers consisting of the appropriate combination of different coating systems and coating technologies, resulting in maximum protection against external influences and effectively reducing premature tool wear.

Because of the nanometer-thin layers, Ceratizit combines different properties of different chemical compositions to achieve desired results. For example, the company’s CVD cutting material grade CTCM245, which was specially developed for machining high-alloy steels, incorporates a very tough substrate, an Al2O3 layer, a compound layer, and a TiCN layer to ensure the best performance. The combination provides temperature resistance to reduce thermal shocks, which allows for higher cutting speeds along with reduced flank and scour wear during the machining of high-alloy steels.

To quickly and efficiently move chips away from the tool as quickly as possible, the after-treatment of Dragonskin produces extremely smooth surfaces which have a positive effect on the contact friction between chip and rake face. This further reduces wear for even longer tool life and up to 80 percent increased overall performance.

Part of the Ceratizit Group, Ceratizit USA designs and manufactures high quality standard and custom tooling for the metalworking industry. With headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois, Ceratizit USA is a solutions and service provider for many different industry segments, including automotive, aerospace, and energy. With a highly specialized staff, expansive product portfolio, and an International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration, Ceratizit USA provides manufacturers with the complete application engineering, service and training support needed for maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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