Bryon Shafer appointed vice president of Jergens ASG division

Bryon Shafer

Jergens announced the appointment of Bryon Shafer as vice president of the ASG division. The move comes amidst other corporate changes taking place that further increase Jergens’ focus on manufacturing in the United States. With the new position, Shafer has global responsibility and oversees more than 50 employees who provide torque control, fastening, and precision assembly tools to nearly 30 countries around the world.

“I am thrilled for this leadership role and eager to take on even more challenges,” said Shafer. “We will keep up the investments in R&D as we have these last three years, as well as continue seeking talented individuals to support our growth.”

Shafer joined Jergens in 2008 as ASG general manager and has kept the focus on the company’s ability to meet critical specification requirements for applications such as military, medical, aerospace, and automotive. “We call these life and limb applications because in some cases it quite literally is just that, and consequently there is no room for error,” said Shafer.

ASG got its start in the mid 1970s with torque control screwdrivers and other assembly products and solutions for customers in several industry segments. It became an official Jergens division ten years later, and in 2010 transitioned from wholesale distribution to manufacturing. Through ASG Express, Precision Fastening, and Automation, customers can choose from specific devices to entire systems for their assembly needs.

Shafer focuses on team building and feels strongly about hiring motivated and self-sufficient individuals, giving them the tools needed to succeed and the autonomy to do the job their way. In addition to talent mining, Shafer has a watchful eye on supply chain issues and the familiar set of challenges that electronics companies have been facing since the pandemic.

Prior to joining ASG, Shafer’s experience has centered in light manufacturing, including multiple start-ups. He is a graduate of Ohio University.