Bourn & Koch offers details on IMTS-planned machines

Bourn & Koch’s MT3 is the newest addition to the company’s lineup of American-Made tools. (Courtesy: Bourn
& Koch)

Bourn & Koch planned to feature its two flagship gear manufacturing machines, the 400H & Fellows 10-4 retrofit, its newly redesigned and re-engineered Blanchard 22AD-42, and a brand-new multifunctional machine tool platform, the MT3 at IMTS 2020, but obviously didn’t get that chance.

The Bourn & Koch 400H horizontal gear hobber provides high-quality gears in a compact foot print. The 400H can produce AGMA Class 10 gears on parts up to 406.4mm in diameter with a standard axial travel of 1930mm. A max 6.4mm module gear can be cut on the machine. In recent years, Bourn & Koch has focused on refining the programming software for its gear hobbing machines. The latest iteration of its gear hobbing human machine interface (HMI) allows for users to conversationally program the machine via 19.5” touch screen interface for entering all gear data and tool data. Up to six surfaces can be programmed on one gear with up to six cuts per surface, allowing for maximum control over the hobbing process. The HMI also features an Expert Mode, allowing for even more control over the process for well-experienced operators. The 400H has available 5:1 and 12:1 hob heads with six axes of CNC control.

The Fellows 10-4 Retrofit gear-shaping machine is an update to modern technology on a classic piece of American-Machine tool ingenuity. Bourn & Koch has had a long history of providing high-quality new and remanufactured models of Fellows gear shapers. This latest offering provides that same quality in a more compact, maintainable, and economical package. The 10-4 Retrofit features a Fanuc 35i CNC control making effective use of Macro Executor to provide a familiar programming interface for those who have been using Fellows gear shapers for decades. The machine’s new guarding package and smaller hydraulic unit reduces the footprint by 16 square feet. The machine comes standard with a mechanical guide and t-slot worktable.

The famous “Blanchard grind” is easy to spot as a mark of quality and accuracy. Bourn & Koch’s newly redesigned Blanchard 22AD-42 takes the rugged, heavy-duty design of its rotary surface grinder and updates it to today’s standards. The new machine comes with a full stainless-steel enclosure featuring an automatic roll-up door. The new enclosure design is leak proof, allows for easy mist collection, and has the potential for automation. One of the most exciting features of the new Blanchard 22AD-42 is the power dresser, which allows operators to dress the grinding wheel at a pre-programmed amount with the push of a button. Many other upgrades to the machine’s design were incorporated as well.

The newest addition to Bourn & Koch’s lineup of American-Made machine tools is the MT3, a multifunctional machine tool platform capable of performing grinding, milling, turning, and drilling/tapping machining operations on a workpiece in one set-up. The machine is primarily designed as a value engineered vertical cylindrical grinder, supplementing Bourn & Koch’s current VBG offering in that arena. The MT3 comes standard with a 42” diameter t-slot worktable and precision grinding spindle with an HSK-50A connection. The machine’s spindles are interchangeable via the innovative HBK-200 clamping system, allowing for the right spindle to be used for the application. The machine will be equipped with custom workholding from Advanced Machine & Engineering to manufacture a hob spindle cartridge from one of Bourn & Koch’s 400H hobbers in one setup. The machine is expandable from a vertical grinder to a “one and done” machine tool system, incorporating various spindles and tools into an added optional cell that are automatically changed via Fanuc R2000 robot and Bourn & Koch’s Alien Claw end-of-arm tooling, allowing for quick change of most tools and spindles. A spindle rack and disc style tool changer are incorporated to the cell to manage the various tools and spindles for the required operations. The machine is programmed via combination of Bourn & Koch’s grinding HMI and Fanuc Manual Guide-i, employing a Fanuc 0i CNC control for all machine functions. A virtual Y-Axis allows for the machine to perform standard milling functions. The MT3 spindle features a powerful Fanuc Beta-il 160M motor capable of producing 30kW from 2000-10000 RPM, providing ample power and range for a wide variety of grinding, milling, and drilling/tapping applications.