Bel Air Finishing offers edge prep and tool honing

Straight flute end mill before edge prep & tool honing, left. Straight flute end mill after edge prep & tool honing, right. (Courtesy: Bel Air Finishing)

Bel Air Finishing’s drag finishers come in multiple configurations and sizes to meet customers’ specific needs. It can meet tool-honing and edge-prep needs from equipment to media.

Edge-prep, or the honing of cutting tool edges, is known to increase the life of cutting tools by 300 percent or more. Polishing of cutting tools serves to extend tool life, while also providing additional benefits to the end-user.

Drag finishers, when employed for the use of cutting tool edge-treatment, allow for both edge-prep (honing) and polishing of coated and non-coated tools of various materials. Both honing and polishing can be done with only one machine, using the same fixturing. This multi-purpose machine approach serves to reduce equipment, labor, and utility costs while minimizing the required amount of production floor space. The versatility of drag finishers makes them ideal candidates for production cells.