Q&A with Marc Vonderlage

Regional Sales Representative at Wickert


What does Wickert do for the gear manufacturing industry?

Wickert is a technical leader in the field of fixture hardening equipment and pressing systems. Our equipment allows gear manufacturers to reduce manufacturing cost and improve quality through automated techniques. Wickert provides a wide variety of custom solutions ranging from single to multi-station systems incorporating many features tailored to address specific customer needs. Such features include, but are not limited to:

  • Fully automatic mold change and storage.
  • Mold condition monitoring.
  • Feeding systems for raw material and finished articles including buffers.
  • High temperature presses with integrated handling systems to load and unload the workpieces.
  • Integrated tempering and after-process cooling.
  • In-line quality checking.
  • In-line article cleaning after pressing.
  • Article “clean blasting.”
  • Furnace work monitoring systems to optimize
  • Control integration to customer factory management systems.
  • Remote machine condition monitoring.

What achievements have you recently accomplished and how does that affect what you do for the industry?

We recently developed a specialized gripping system that eliminates damage to the hot articles during transport between stations. 

What equipment and services have you added to better assist customers’ needs?

Our automated solutions incorporate features such as automatic mold change, mold storage, mold preheating, and mold monitoring. This makes management of the many different tools required much more simple and efficient in operations.

What are some of Wickert’s proudest moments?

We are proud to supply solutions that help our customers increase their level of competition within the market by employing our technically advanced solutions. We can provide these systems worldwide with great success.

Where do you see Wickert in the next 10 to 20 years and its place in the gear industry?

We anticipate automated solutions and integrated systems to become a standard requirement in the coming years. We embrace Industry 4.0 principles and will continue to develop cutting-edge solutions to take advantage of new technologies. 

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