AGMA Tech: Bill Bradley

Aimed at providing up-to-date information on gear technology and standards development, some of today's activities are reviewed.


Vice President, AGMA Technical Division January is used by some to reflect on what has happened the year before, and by others to predict the future or set the goals for the New Year. I intend to do some of each. Last year was a “banner” year for both AGMA and ISO standards development. Many projects were completed that represent the latest agreed-upon practice.

Also, in last February’s issue the opportunities for 2006 were discussed. These opportunities were based on being involved in AGMA standards development. At any given time there are 15 to 20 active committees, which are always looking for new members to participate. There may be an erroneous belief that committee membership is limited to a few experts, possessing extraordinary knowledge. Also, there can be a lack of appreciation for the opportunities that committee membership can bring to both the participant and his or her company. Three of these opportunities are:

• Standards should represent the broad interests of the industry. The only way to be sure that your company’s interests receive appropriate consideration is to participate.
• Despite efforts to produce concise documents, technical standards can be difficult to understand. Participants in development have the best understanding of the proper use.
• Today’s gear technology is specialized, with limited opportunities for continuing education. Committee participation is an opportunity for education, growth, and personal development.

The earlier you become involved in the development process, the more that is learned, and the easier it is to influence content. This year, some of the same and new opportunities will be available.

Standard Milestones in 2006
A list of AGMA and ISO Documents published in 2006 that should be of interest include:

• AGMA 909-A06, Specifications for Molded Plastic Gears
• ANSI/AGMA 2015-2-A06, Accuracy Classification System–Radial (double-flank) Measurements for Cylindrical Gears
• ANSI/AGMA 6013-A06, Standard for Industrial Enclosed Gear Drives (capacity)
• ANSI/AGMA 6014-A06, Gear Power Rating for Cylindrical Shell and Trunnion Supported Equipment (mill gears)
• ANSI/AGMA 6123-B06, Design Manual for Enclosed Epicyclic Gear Drives
• AGMA ISO 10064-5-A06, Code of Inspection Practice – Part 5: Recommendations Relative to Evaluation of Gear Measuring Instruments
• ANSI/AGMA ISO 18653-A06, Gears – Evaluation of Instruments for the Measurement of Individual Gears
• ISO 6336-1, 2, & 3:2006, Calculation of load capacity of spur and helical gears – Parts 1, 2, & 3 (major revision of the 1996 standards)
• ISO 6336-6, Calculation of load capacity of spur and helical gears – Part 6: Calculation of service life under variable load
• ISO 17485, Bevel gears—ISO system of accuracy
• ISO 23509, Bevel and hypoid gear geometry

Opportunities for 2007
Some of the major U.S. national standards projects presently under development:

• AGMA 1104, Tolerance Specification for Shaper Cutters. The purpose is to provide for nomenclature, dimensions, tolerances, and inspection of shaper cutters, including rack type.
• AGMA 2101, Fundamental Rating Factors and Calculation Methods for Involute Spur and Helical Gear Teeth (based on ISO 6336). It will specify a method for calculating the capacity of involute spur and helical gear pairs.
• AGMA 2004, Gear Materials and Heat Treatment Manual. Topics included are selection guidelines and heat treatment process controls for through hardened, induction hardened, carburized, and nitrided gears.

Detailed information on all of the standards, meetings scheduled, and how you may participate is provided on the AGMA Web site at [], or send an e-mail to for information.