Members are the AGMA customer: We exist because you find value in our services


We do it all for you — the member. Members are behind everything we do from curated programming, education, and events tailored for those in the gear industry. AGMA is — with the recent purchase and establishment of AGMA Media Services, the launch of the AGMA National Training Center, and the new management role with our sister trade association, the American Bearing Manufacturers Association — focused on making sure our customers receive the best service out there. After all, what makes AGMA unique is that we put the member in the driver’s seat. 

In 2019, a lot of big things happened at AGMA for members, and now it is time to make sure you are getting the most out of what we offer. To start, we want to make sure members really understand the benefits of being an AGMA member. Here are some benefits that you might not yet be taking advantage of:

  • Free full set of AGMA standards and updated information sheets every year.
  • Direct participation in the AGMA standards process allowing a voting position to make the gearing standards in the U.S. and internationally.
  • A 15- to 50-percent savings on education courses (face-to-face and online).
  • Complementary participation and results in the AGMA Operating Ratio Report where you can benchmark how your company is doing in comparison to others in the industry.
  • Exclusive access to the AGMA Gear Market report where you will receive the latest information on U.S. economic conditions, gear-industry conditions, gear-market bookings, and gear-market shippings beyond the macro level.
  • Unlimited and free use of the online workforce training series that has been downloaded more than 700 times.
  • No-cost subscription to AGMA’s bi-monthly Member Newsletter and weekly Industry Newsletter.
  • Ability to post unlimited job openings at your company to reach thousands of AGMA followers and potential employees.
  • VIP invitations to industry plant tours through the Annual Strategic Resource Meeting.
  • Daily news about emerging technology and weekly videos sharing the latest in automation, 3D printing, materials, electric vehicles, and IIoT.
  • Opportunities to join AGMA committees that direct the programming and strategic plan of the association for its members.
  • Unmatched networking opportunity with industry executives at the AGMA/ABMA Annual Meeting.
  • Incredible savings and discounts on the Motion + Power Technology Expo tradeshow booths.

Really, the list above is just the beginning. We know the changing markets, coupled with the emerging technologies in manufacturing, are making it difficult to predict what is going to happen. At AGMA, we want to take some of that burden off you by supplying the business intelligence and resources you need to be successful. Make 2020 the year you work with an association that exists solely to benefit your company, your employees, and the future of the gear industry. Contact any one of our team members today, and see how we can help you!

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Address: 1001 N. Fairfax Street. Suite 500, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1587

Phone: (703) 684-0211

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AGMA Team Members

  • Matthew Croson, President
  • Amir Aboutaleb, Vice President, Technical Division
  • Jenny Blackford, Vice President, Marketing
  • Casandra Blassingame, Med, Vice President, Education Services
  • Cindy Bennett, Executive Director, AGMA Foundation
  • Rebecca Brinkley, Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Mary Ellen Doran, Director, Emerging Technology
  • Leah Lewis, Meetings Manager
  • Teshia Payne, Publications Coordinator, Technical Division
  • Rosemarie Bundoc, Education Manager
  • Phillip Olson, Staff Engineer
  • Karina Sandoval-Nunez, Database Administrator
  • Alexus Clanton, Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet the AGMA Staff

AGMA is here to provide members with personal assistance. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.

Matthew E. Croson • President

I oversee the great team that delivers programs and services for all AGMA members. I have been an association executive for 20 years and joined AGMA in 2016. The AGMA team is a capable and responsive group, and I encourage you to contact them directly for any help you need. We are here for you!

Amir Aboutaleb • Vice President, Technical Division

My team coordinates the efforts of more than 250 of the best minds of the industry experts within 23 technical committees to develop and maintain the standards that have helped the gearing industry since 1916. I am also the secretary of ISO TC 60, the technical committee responsible for gearing-related matters at the International Standardization Organization. Feel free to contact me today for any questions that you have or to join a committee!

Jenny Blackford • Vice President, Marketing

I oversee marketing, communications, and event activities with AGMA. I manage the Motion + Power Technology Expo, and I am the liaison to the AGMA Tradeshow Committee. I have been with AGMA since 2000 and have greatly enjoyed getting to know membership over the years while watching the industry grow and develop. Contact me with all your tradeshow and marketing needs!

Casandra BlasSingame • Vice President, Education Services

I have the responsibility of providing relevant and real-world application education and training to our industry. Our department offerings and services have grown significantly, and I am here to answer any questions or needs you might have to help train and educate your staff.

Mary Ellen Doran • Director, Emerging Technology

Technological advances provide both opportunities and disruptions for manufacturers. What are these technological advances? What are the impacts specifically for the gear industry and for suppliers to our industry? These are the questions I answer on a daily basis. We have five committees that gather members and experts for high-level discussion on 3D-printing metal (for gears), electric drive technology, industry IIoT, new materials, and automation. Contact me today to learn more or to join one of these committees!

Rebecca Brinkley • Director, Marketing & Communications

Every time you receive an email, press release, video, photos, or see a post from AGMA on social media, most likely it is coming from my computer. I handle not only our digital platforms, but I also work with magazines throughout the power-transmission industry. Please contact me today to see how you can blog for hundreds of readers about your expertise or to post an open position with your company and if you need any help with marketing and communications in your business.

Leah Lewis • Meetings Manager

My job is to ensure that all AGMA members and our guests have a great experience at the education courses, conferences and meetings, and tradeshows you attend. From selecting venues that meet the needs of our attendees to planning the strategy behind our event content and meeting design, I am always there behind the scenes. Contact me on all questions related to the Annual Meeting, how to be a speaker at one of our events, sponsorship, and hotels and travel for all AGMA events.

Phillip Olson • Staff Engineer

My main responsibility is facilitating standards development. A valuable perk of your AGMA membership is the opportunity to create new standards, revise old standards, or just listen in on the committee meetings where the gear standards you use every day are developed. Contact me today to join one of the 23 technical committees, to present at the FTM, or if you have any specific engineering questions about our standards.

Teshia Payne • Publications Coordinator, Technical Division

My job is to assist the standards process by editing and formatting standards and information sheets used all over the world. I also organize and manage the Fall Technical Meeting, where I work directly with presenters, the SCOPUS Publication, and our marketing team to gather more than 125 attendees from around the globe. Contact me if you would like to be a part of the FTM, if you would like to join a technical committee, would like to know more about the standards process, or to just say hi!

Karina Nunez • Database Administrator

I am the person you go to when you get locked out of your account or need assistance updating your profile. I work with members on collecting information regarding dues, invoices, orders, and registration information. I am here as a resource for all members on services that we offer. Call me with any questions, and I will get you what you need!

Rosemarie Bundoc • Education Manager

I plan and manage logistics of AGMA trainings and education programs. I am responsible for ensuring that our AGMA training programs are compliant with IACET standards, so we can deliver the best education possible. Contact me today if you have any questions about our face-to-face, online, and onsite training opportunities. I am happy to help get you the education you need for your employees.

Alexus Clanton • Digital Marketing Specialist, AGMA & ABMA

I am responsible for assisting the marketing and communications department for all things regarding AGMA and ABMA. I develop the ABMA website, the social media, member outreach, and help my team share industry information, grow our events, and education seminars. Contact me today if you have any questions about ABMA and the services that we offer.

Cindy Bennett • Executive Director, AGMA Foundation

I am your contact for anything Foundation related. Please contact me for anything related to the annual golf tournament, scholarship program, the Get into Gears Employee Recruitment Toolkit, Spin it Forward Machine and Material Campaign, the AGMA National Training Center, and any donations or fund raising that affects the Foundation. Contact me today and see how you can make a difference in the industry!

Upcoming Education

Gear Manufacturing and Inspection

January 28-30 | Garden Grove, California

Discover key factors in the inspection process that lead to better design of gears. Develop a broad understanding of the methods used to manufacture and inspect gears. Interpret how the resultant information can be applied and interpreted in the design process.

This course also includes a tour of Western Precision Aero in Garden Grove, California. Participants will be required to fill out paperwork prior to the tour and must be U.S. citizens. AGMA will distribute the paperwork upon registration.

Fundamentals of Worm & Crossed Axis Helical Gearing

February 18-20 | Alexandria, Virginia

Provides an introduction and emphasizes the differences between parallel (the experience base) axis and worm and crossed axis helical gears. Describes the basics of worm and crossed axis helical gears, their fundamental design principals, application guidelines and recommendations, lubrication requirements, a discussion of accuracy and quality, and summarizes with a brief review of common failure modes.

Steels for Gear Application

March 24-26 | Alexandria, Virginia

Gain a basic understanding of steel and its properties. Learn to make use of steel properties in an application and understand the potential that different steel and heat treatment options can offer. Explore how performance of the material depends on how the steel is produced.