About Toolink Engineering, Inc.

In 1991 Toolink Engineering, Inc. was established to represent Konigdorn-MTM of Germany as their exclusive North American distributor and Repair Center. Since the 1960’s, Konig has produced precision arbors & chucks (Hydraulic & Mechanical) for the Gear Industry.

Today, in alliance with Toolink, Konig’s devices are applied in applications from gear Hobbing to hard finish Grinding, to holding special profiles such as Gas Compressor Rotors, and their associated Grinding Tools. Our tooling solutions now range throughout the Industrial, Aerospace and Automotive markets.

In 2008, Toolink agreed to represent CMT-Tubertini precision “pitchline” chucks, and RMI Laser Marking Systems throughout North America focused again on the Gear Industry. Additionally, in 2009, Toolink has agreed to represent S&T Dynamics CNC Gear Hobbers, in cooperation with Globetec Intl. These additional engineered products, produced by CMT, RMI and S&T Dynamics bring strength to Toolink’s capabilities to bring multiple solutions, in one stop, to our customer’s tables.