Penta Gear Metrology offers a wide variety of functional and bench top gages to meet your gear and spline inspection needs.

To assist you with your gear metrology processes, Penta Gear Metrology offers many services including:

Contract Inspection – Inspecting a gear / spline on a PGM400 Series Gear Measurement System and creating an inspection report for each gear / spline measured. Analysis is to a user-defined tolerance or any of the following industry standards: AGMA, ISO, DIN, JIS, CAT, ANSI…

Gear Design & Analysis – Employing gear design techniques to optimize and balance gear strength, size, and noise level

Reverse Engineering – Determining the manufacturing parameters of an “unknown gear” or “unknown spline”

Gage Certification – Analyzing spline gage quality including Index, Lead, Profile, and Actual Tooth Thickness