O E M Industries, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of precision and commercial gears, as well as other machined parts. O E M opened for business in 1947. Ed Steiner, Sr. began the business with only one gear shaper, one lathe, and a mill. O E M quickly but carefully grew to fill the shop, we now have Pfauter hobbing machines, Fellows gear shapers, Fadal C N C machining centers, Okuma C N C lathes, Kapp grinder, J&L Turret lathes, 36/40 Niles VTl, Bridgeport mills, Milwaulkee mills and various other machinery as well as all the inspection equipment. By carefully guarding the quality of workmanship, O E M has maintained many of it’s original customers, including the very first. Under the direction of Ed Steiner, Jr. the company has proudly stepped into the CNC and highly computerized world. It communicates via our new Web Site, FAX and E-Mail (sales@oemindustries.net).