Newage Testing Instruments, Inc. was previously a division of NewAge Industries, Inc.. Newage Industries was founded in 1954 with the purchase of a small company. The company’s first products were metal hardness testers – both manufactured and imported.

Among these testers were the first of the portable “Press-and-Read” MR Series that sold for a few hundred dollars. Thousands of these testers were sold worldwide. Today the fifth generation of this tester is being sold – in addition to 16 other complete lines of hardness testers.

During the intervening years NewAge Industries began distributing and later manufacturing plastic tubing which grew to become a significant part of the business. Follow this link for more information on plastic tubing.

In January 2000, the Testing Instruments Division split from NewAge Industries to form Newage Testing Instruments, Inc. Newage Testing Instruments, Inc. is a totally distinct company, but it is still located next door to NewAge Industries, Inc.

Newage services a wide range of instruments, such as those manufactured by:

Wilson®, Div of Instron, Inc
Shore® Instrument, Div of Instron, Inc
United Testing Systems (UTS)
Leco Corporation
King Tester
Gogan Machine Corp.
Antonik Testing Service
Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Corp
Detroit Testing Machine
Hentschel Instruments
Fowler Instruments
Clark Instrument

The average Newage Instruments service technician has 14 years experience servicing testers. Servicemen are trained on all makes and models of hardness testers and can often handle all of your needs in one visit.

Standardized operating procedures with detailed documentation that will pass your internal and external audits.

Newge specializes in hardness testing and is up-to-date on the latest changes in ASTM and NIST testing standards and requirements. Compliance certification under ISO GUIDE 25 and operation according to all applicable ASTM test methods.

All vehicles and service personnel are fully insured for liability to perform on-site service at your facility. NewAge service vehicles carry spare parts for a wide range of testers so you have less down time than with many competitive service companies.

Additionally, some Newage testers and/or test heads can be shipped to our Pennsylvania location for factory service. We even provide a loaner/rental program for some testers to keep our customers in operation while their test heads are being serviced.

From preventive maintenance to calibration and emergency service – when it comes to hardness testers, Newage Testing Instruments sets a high standard.