Newage Testing Instruments was founded in 1954, originally named NewAge Industries, Inc. During the company’s early years, NewAge Industries produced metal hardness testers. Among the first hardness testers was the portable “Press-and-Read” testers marked under the models SR and MR Series. These handheld testers included an integral Rockwell scale, an indenter and sophisticated spring mechanism that displayed a Rockwell hardness result when the instrument was “pressed” onto a metal surface.

In 2008, AMETEK acquired the Newage Testing Instrument company. The company became part of AMETEK’s Measurement and Calibration Technologies division, along with industry-leading brands including Chatillon and Lloyd Instruments. The division’s material testing business unit offers an impressive array of products and systems designed for material testing and characterization.

When it comes to hardness testing, Newage Testing Instruments has pioneered the development of an array of innovations, technologies and solutions.

You Know Newage Testing Instruments … FIRST.

  • The first hand-held press & read portable tester
  • The first direct reading Vickers microhardness tester
  • The first direct reading Knoop microhardness tester
  • The first Rockwell testing system using Test Surface Referencing technology
  • The first interchangeable test heads for Regular and Superficial Rockwell testing
  • The first clamping design for bench Rockwell systems
  • The first built-in calibration bench Rockwell testing system
  • The first to offer FREE loaner test heads that eliminated downtime
  • The first to offer high uniformity standard test blocks that exceed ASTM standards
  • The first microprocessor-controlled hardness tester
  • The first personal computer controlled automated microhardness testing system
  • The first to include standard built-in Statistical Process Control software with their hardness testing products
  • The first digital readout replacement for dial indicator type Rockwell systems
  • The first handheld, portable hardness tester with integrated SPC software
  • The first mobile hardness testing exhibition
  • The first fully automated, cantilevered indenter Rockwell test system
  • The first testers with built-in accuracy and repeatability tracking on test blocks
  • The first 500 gf load, depth of penetration, direct reading Microhardness Rockwell system
  • The first to install a commercially available master hardness testing system for standardizing test blocks and indenters
  • The first National Physical Lab (NPL) traceable hardness indenters and test blocks
  • The first handheld portable Brinell scanning system
  • The first to offer a full load press and read portable Rockwell system
  • The first Computer Assisted Measurement System (C.A.M.S.) with significant improvements in productivity, accuracy and repeatability
  • The first Brinell scope with built-in LED illumination
  • The first portable, Mini-Tablet-style Brinell scanner
  • The first A2LA accredited Proficiency Testing provider for hardness testing methods

When it comes to hardness testing, you Know Newage Testing Instruments.

Newage is a part of the AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration (STC) Division, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of hardness testers and microhardness testers for a wide range of industries and applications.

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