Carbide Tool Services, Inc. (CTS) specializes in developing dynamic indexable and rotating tool repair programs for industrial manufacturers of all sizes. CTS offers a wide variety of tool holder repair, regrind and special manufacturing services on items such as indexable endmills, facemills, drills and lathe tools. Repair services are also available for rotating tools such as tap adapters, tap holders and tap chucks. We can help reduce tooling costs by 50% or more. CTS is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council as a 100% Women Owned Business (WBE). CTS is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has been revolutionizing the indexable tool repair industry in quality and service for decades.

Cost Savings Reports- Carbide Tool Services, Inc. now offers all customers customized Cost Savings Reports illustrating the savings produced by our tool repair programs. These exclusive reports are simple to read and interpret. They compare the cost of repairing a tool versus new replacement cost. Standard procedure is to send out the reports at the end of each quarter. It is our goal to provide documentation that illustrates the cost saving value we add in a format that is flexible to meet the needs of our customers. Please contact us today to get more information and to set up a cost savings program.

Carbide Tool Services, Inc. (CTS) specializes in repairing indexable tool holders for less than 50% of new replacement costs. For over 25 years, CTS has been working with customers to develop and implement tool repair programs that reduce tooling budgets. Our customers see immediate cost savings by repairing their damaged indexable drills, endmills, face mills, and lathe tools.

Repair costs are determined by evaluating the tool holder and estimating the time it will take to repair the damage and recalibrate it to the OEM specifications. A customer who is using customized indexable tooling may save 70% or more of the replacement cost. If a back-up tool is rare or non-existent, 24-hour repair can save the customer lost manufacturing time. A complete indexable tool repair program provides savings on many levels. Contact CTS for information about developing a customized tool repair program for you.

Carbide Tool Services, Inc. (CTS) offers complete repair services on all major brands of rotating tool holders. These tool holders include, but are not limited to, tap adapters, tap chucks, tap holders, live centers and dead centers. Repair on a rotating tool holder generally costs less than 50% of the new replacement holder depending on the damage and the cost of parts. All rotating tool holders are repaired using OEM parts and are guaranteed to perform like new. The service not only reduces tool holder costs, it also simplifies the procurement process by consolidating multiple purchase orders into one. When put together with an indexable tool repair program, the cost savings can be tremendous.