The Bodycote Metal Technology Group is a World leader in the provision of vital metallurgical services to the engineering industry; Contract Heat Treatment, Metal Joining, Hot Isostatic Processing, Metallurgical Coatings, Materials Testing Services and the manufacture of components by Powder Metallurgy and Hot Isostatic Pressing. Capitalized at £650M and with its Headquarters in Macclesfield, the Group operates from locations in the UK, Europe, USA, the Middle East and Far East; a total of 245 plants in 21 countries.

Bodycote Heat Treatments

All industrially significant heat treatments are undertaken for ferrous and non ferrous metals with comprehensive ancillary services. Comprehensive metal joining processes are also offered, including electron beam welding, vacuum and exothermic brazing of steel and nickel alloy components brazing, laser welding and HIP cladding. End user markets include aerospace, automotive, power generation, tooling, oil and gas engineering.

Metallurgical Coatings

Bodycote’s Metallurgical Coatings group comprises plants offering indispensable metallurgical coatings for anti-corrosion, wear resistance, metal cutting and forming, tri-bological and decorative applications. Leaders in the provision for electroplating, mechanical plating, electroless nickel plating, zinc alloy plating, silver plating, organic coatings, CVD and PVD coatings, utilizing computerized control systems. End user markets include automotive, aerospace, electronics and telecommunications.
Several plants offer sherardizing, zinc and manganese phosphating, mechanical plating, galvanizing and barrel electroplating, and organic coatings, whilst others provide state-of-the-art PVD coating services. State-of-the-art computerized electroless nickel plating, together with barrel and rack zinc plating is also available.

Hot Isostatic Pressing

Having the vision to foresee the rapidly developing role of HIPping in the densification of castings, production of powder metallurgy components and novel materials, Bodycote has built an international HIPping group, operating from sites in the UK, USA and mainland Europe. Bodycote occupies a key support role for the power generation, precision foundry, automotive, aerospace, tooling and medical engineering industries.

Materials Testing

A fully accredited group of testing laboratories, strategically located to serve the major industries of the world. Continuous investment ensures the availability of the latest technology test methods and efficient, cost effective services.
A comprehensive range of tests for metals, welds, building materials, plastics, rubber, fabrics and organic materials. Experts in the testing regimes and procedures demanded by all engineering sectors, including construction, mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace, oil and petrochemical engineering, pharmaceuticals and textiles.