ASI Drives is a USA manufacturer of custom engineered gear drives designed primarily for battery powered applications. Our products are currently used in the Medical Mobility, Floor Care and Material Handling industries.

We design, engineer, and assemble all gear drives in our Montgomeryville, PA facility and have earned a reputation for problem solving and delivery of maximum performance and efficiency in compact packages.

Barney Berlinger, founder and CEO, established ASI in 1986. The direction of our company was based on his vision for manufacturing transaxles that delivered superior performance and durability.

The fully enclosed transaxle design with motor and brake quickly became the industry standard in the Medical Mobility market. By 1988, ASI was producing over 60,000 transaxles annually and branching out into other markets and applications.

In early 2000, ASI had built partnerships with leading Floor Care and Material Handling manufacturers. These partnerships were established through engineering, R&D and business initiatives our efforts provided customers with value added enhancements and logistics enabling them to increase their sales and profitability. All of our new customers viewed ASI as a trusted partner and an extension of their own engineering departments given full access to applications, materials, marketing and testing data.

2006 was a milestone year for ASI, as we moved into our new facility, enabling us to double our manufacturing capacity and increase our engineering lab and testing areas. In this year, we completed design and launch of the MARK 400 transaxle, positioning ASI as a leader in the Floor Care industry with a major share in this market.

We continued to grow and innovate. By 2009, ASI was designing and building custom gear drives for the Material Handling market. Capitalizing on our transaxle expertise, we expanded our motor and gear technologies, allowing us to offer some of the most compact and efficient gear drives available.

By 2010, ASI was utilizing brushless motor technology, advanced gear processing, lubrications and technologies which enabled us to establish a presence in both the Warehouse Automation and Robotics industries.

During the USA’s domestic economic recovery, our ability to successfully enter these growing markets positioned ASI as a long term, custom engineered gear drive solutions provider.

From our traditions of customer commitment and applied gearing expertise, ASI’s experience shapes the future by developing innovative, effective solutions for multiple markets.