Workholding That Works

Like most manufactures, gear manufacturers today find themselves with the challenge of maintaining viability, maximizing profits, and enhancing productivity. Most […]

The Principles of Workholding: Part III

To conclude our three-part series on the principles of workholding we will begin with an overview of inspection devices, both […]

The Principles of Workholding: Part II

This is the second installment of a series of articles devoted to presenting and/or introducing the various designs — and […]

The Principles of Workholding: Part I

This article is the first of a mult-part series intended to inform, guide, and assist the gear manufacturing industry in […]

Workholding Made Simple

In the past, generations lived from cradle to grave with little noticeable difference in lifestyle. Today, as you well know, […]

Taking Hold with Hydraulics

For over 60 years Hydra-Lock Corporation has been the leader in hydraulic work and tool holding. We are the originators […]

Holding the Line

As chief designer for Speedgrip Chuck, Inc., I have a fascinating job. I’ve been involved in the design and building […]

No Tools? No Problem.

Over the past few years we have seen several trends in the gear-manufacturing industry, to which we supply our line […]

Getting a Grip on Diaphragm Chucks

Sometimes the best way to get an answer is to simply ask a question, such as “what will using a […]

Expert Advice on Expanding Mandrels

Brace yourself, because your workday is about to undergo a significant change. As hard as it may be to believe, […]

Gear Opinions: Marriage, Love and War

Just as it is with most things in life–including marriage and military operations–both clear communications and the collection of the […]

The Fundamentals of Face Driving

Ever-increasing demands on manufacturers to improve productivity and quality have led to the need for faster and more accurate machine […]

Custom Solutions for Workholding Challenges

Speed, efficiency, competition, accuracy… all words that fuel the fires of modern-day manufacturing. They are the “why” behind our daily […]

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