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Moore-Addison Co.

Our company machines and fabricates non-metallics/laminates/plastics, and has been growing the business since its inception in 1953. Whether our clients […]

Finding the ideal materials for gears

When designing an individual gear or a gear train, the choice of material will either be the primary factor on […]

Experimental tests to predict plastic gears’ lifetime

One of the major problems of plastic gears is the lack of data about their lifetime. Literature doesn’t contain numerous […]

Design features of worm gearing composed of plastic and/or powder-metal components

This article deals with worm gearings in cases when the worm-gear pair is composed either of plastic or of powder-metal […]

DSM Engineering Materials

DSM offers application expertise, design support, materials innovation and a broad materials portfolio with global support and security of supply. […]

Successful Plastic Gear Conversions

The conversion of a steel gear set to plastic is not a slam-dunk operation. A gear designer who is proficient […]

Engineering Principles for Plastic Gears

Since founding Timco in 1967, I’ve been riding a steep learning curve regarding plastic materials and the machine parts that […]

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