Tusk Introduces Teflon and Ceramic Plane Bearings for Food and Pharma Processing


Tusk Direct, Inc., has introduced a new line of ceramic- and Teflon-lined plane bearings designed as drop-in replacements for ball bearings in linear motion applications in harsh environments and to meet the special requirements of the food and pharmaceutical processing industries. They are designed to solve the problems posed by applications where lubricants must be avoided to avoid contamination, such as to meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements, and where bearings must resist chemical and abrasive attack.

Tusk plane bearings are ideally suited for applications with linear or rotary motion or both, shock impact, rapid oscillation, vibration, and short travels. They are offered in both straight and self-aligning configurations with the same inner and outer diameters and retaining ring groove locations as standard ball type bushings. These new bearings operate over a wide temperature range with low friction and high load capacity. They are offered as unmounted bearings and in pillow block assemblies in single, twin, and flange block types.

Teflon-lined plane bearings can be operated without lubrication, are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, and provide smooth, quiet operation. Stainless steel body, Teflon-lined plane have a stainless steel outer shell bonded to a Teflon composite inner surface. They are ideal for applications requiring FDA or USDA compliance. These bearings are compatible with hard or soft steel or 300 series stainless steel shafting.

Ceramic coated plane bearings can withstand rapid oscillation, impact shock and vibration, submersion, and washdown. They are particularly useful in vacuum applications because they have no particulate release. Ceramic-coated bearings must be lubricated and work well with vacuum-compatible lubrications. They are also resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Shafting must be RC35 or higher.

All three types of bearings are available in sizes ranging from 0.250 inch inside diameter and 0.5000 outside diameter to 2.00 inch inside diameter and 3.0000 outside diameter. They are available in lengths ranging from 0.750 inch to 4.000 inch. The maximum static load of the bearings ranges from 939 pounds to 40,024 pounds. The bearings can be press fitted, held in place with snap rings, or pinned in the housing with a retaining pin. Single and double pillow blocks are offered for all sizes of bearings and flanged blocks are offered for a limited size range.

Tusk Direct specializes in supplying the highest quality linear motion components direct over telephone with experienced technical assistance. The company’s highly trained technical staff is available to provide answers your questions. All Tusk products ship out within 24 hours and next day delivery is available on request. Besides miniature slides, Tusk offers a complete line of linear ball slide assemblies, linear crossed roller slides, multi-axis positioning slides, recirculating linear ball bearing pillow blocks, recirculating ball bearings, micrometer heads, linear bearing shafts, bearing balls and rollers, auto-slides and precision dovetail slides.

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