Romax Chief Executive to Deliver Keynote Speech at BGA Gears 2009


Romax Technology Chief Executive and Founder Dr Peter Poon will be delivering a keynote speech at this year’s British Gear Association (BGA) Gears 2009 Technical Awareness Seminar. The event—which takes place on November 26, 2009, at Agusta Westland, Yeovil—will see top industry professionals gather to discuss the technical and commercial interests of manufacturers, distributors, and academics involved in the gears industry in the United Kingdom.

The BGA Gears event will also see a number of other speakers presenting on topics such as renewable energy, aerospace, design software, and manufacturing. With Romax currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, Poon will address the conference backed by significant experience in all aspects of rotating machinery across a broad range of industries. He will deliver a speech on the growing opportunities for the gear industry in the rapidly expanding wind energy market. He will address the place of gears in wind turbine gearbox design, particularly in relation to two conflicting design requirements: light weight within a tightly defined space, and high reliability and maintainability during a 20 year operating life. In addition, Poon will address the gear industry’s response to the growing but demanding offshore wind industry, where turbines will be subject to extreme loading and temperature fluctuations. The speech will highlight the challenges facing gearbox design and modern methods by Romax Technology developed to meet these challenges.

“I am looking forward to being a part of the BGA Gears 2009 seminar, and I thank the BGA for allowing me this opportunity to deliver a keynote speech at their annual event,” Poon says. “It is important that we support our own industry, and I hope that there will be further opportunities for myself and Romax to work with BGA in the future.”
Poon earned a doctorate in mechanical engineering from Bristol University, and he was also awarded a research fellowship from Cambridge University. He founded Romax Technology in 1989, and since then the company has grown and gone on to become one of the worldwide leaders in gearbox and driveline design delivering the world’s first commercial object orientated software package.

“The BGA is very pleased to welcome Dr. Poon to this year’s Gears event,” according to Andy Harry, BGA technical executive. “As a leading figure in the industry we are delighted that he will be available to address our audience, and it is made even more special by the fact that Romax is celebrating such a significant milestone with their 20th anniversary.”

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