PRODUCT SHOWCASE: SMT releases MASTA 6 CAE transmission software solution


SMT (Smart Manufacturing Technology) is pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated edition of CAE software, MASTA 6.
MASTA is for transmission and driveline design, analysis, simulation and manufacture. Its modular structure makes it tailorable to the responsibilities of its user and is applicable to the entire development cycle for the automotive, energy, aerospace, marine and rail industries. MASTA integrates and interfaces with a multitude of other platforms including Gleason’s CAGE software for manufacture and CAD modelling software for design and analysis.

Faster user interface
A user interface overhaul allows the user to make even faster accurate results in an ergonomic workflow allowing engineers to achieve higher levels of quality much more efficiently. Key improvements include advanced customisable reporting features as well as importing and exporting CAD model enhancements.
New modules for fluid film bearings, plunge shaving micro geometry and shaving cutter dynamics have also added to MASTA’s extensive repertoire.

Upgrades available
Current users of MASTA and lease or have a maintenance agreement with SMT then you can upgrade to MASTA 6 subject to your agreement.
Those currently looking for CAE software for transmission and driveline development or if you find your current software ineffective, you can try an evaluation of MASTA by getting.
Engineers continually switch to MASTA due to its seamlessly integrated and advanced features, most effective workflow and the best dedicated support that our users are accustomed to.
For more information about SMT’s MASTA 6 solution, call +44 (0) 115 941 9839.