Okuma launches new factory automation division

Okuma America Corporation is a global leader and builder of computer numeric control (CNC) machine tools, controls, and automation systems. (Courtesy: Okuma America Corporation)

Senior executives at Okuma America Corporation, a global leader and builder of computer numeric control (CNC) machine tools, controls, and automation systems, recently announced the launch of a new business segment to recommend, sell, and support manufacturing production line systems comprised of Okuma CNC machine tools and integrated automation technologies. The new division began operations April 3 and is based at the Okuma America Corporation headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The decision to launch the Okuma Factory Automation Division was in direct response to increased demand from manufacturers seeking automated machining systems and cells for their operations to address labor shortage issues and to increase production capacities. With the launch of this new division, Okuma will be optimally positioned to offer customers a broad range of Okuma machine tools and automation system pairings. Solutions will include both proprietary and seamlessly integrated automation systems including automated material loading and unloading systems, machine tending and industrial robotics, automated work piece pallet changers (APC), flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), smart manufacturing systems, and beyond.

“The launch of the Okuma Factory Automation Division is a strategic milestone in the company’s 125-year history of creating products and services that meet customer needs of the day,” said Jim King, president and COO for Okuma America Corporation. “Manufacturing has significantly evolved over the last five years with the broad adoption of automated technologies and changes in workforce trends. With our newly created Factory Automation Division, we are well positioned to advise and provide customers of all sizes with manufacturing systems to optimize their operations.”

To support the new business segment, company leaders have appointed Wade Anderson as the division’s new general manager. Anderson has worked for Okuma for 17 years in a variety of roles including engineering, technical sales, sales leadership, product management, and technology partner relationships. Additional organizational resources will be appointed to support the division’s infrastructure and customer applications.

“For 125 years Okuma has always been on the leading edge of manufacturing technologies,” said Anderson. “As we set our sights to the future, the creation of the Okuma Factory Automation Division will foster the development and delivery of the most user-friendly OEM and industry leading partner automation solutions on the market. We have proven that automated processes deliver the highest machine tool utilization, which ultimately yields higher profits for our customers. With our goal of creating “Automation for All” solutions, coupled with Okuma’s well-known quality, expertise, service and support infrastructure, there is no limit to the solutions we can provide for our valued customers.”

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