Nidec Machine Tool America bringing new machine to M+P Expo

NMTA’s new CF26A cut chamfer machine will make its U.S. debut at Motion + Power Expo in October. (Courtesy: Nidic Machine Tool America)

Nidec Machine Tool America (NMTA), a division of Nidec Machine Tool Corporation of Japan, will exhibit the newly developed CF26A gear chamfering machine at the Motion + Power Expo, October 17-19, 2023. The machine is capable of fully automatic full tooth defined chamfering of gears up to 260mm in diameter. In addition, the companion ChamferX tools will be available for show attendees to review.

“Nidec is excited to bring this new example of Nidec’s expertise in gear manufacturing processes, systems and tool engineering,” said Scott Knoy, VP, sales, for NMTA. “The CF26A produces exactly defined chamfers on gears, from tip to root and through the root area as well. This is required by EV gears and most automotive transmission gears to reduce potential noise and provide consistent heat-treatment results.”

Using the Nidec cutting-edge tool design simulation software, specific defined chamfering shapes are created including tooth root and complete edges up to 1mm or more. The CF26A uses generating cutting with the specifically designed ChamferX cutting tools, eliminating burrs in the tooth and end face. The CF26A removes end-face burrs remaining from gear hobbing.

Nidec Machine Tool America offers a wide-ranging lineup of gear manufacturing machines: gear hobbers, gear shapers, gear grinders, gear shaving machines, gear skiving machines, and gear chamfering systems. A Nidec group company, Federal Broach & Machine of Harrison, Michigan, is the distribution and service company for Nidec gear-cutting tools.