Manufacturing Cleaning Association launches streamlined website

The Manufacturing Cleaning Association now has a website at (Courtesy: MCA)

The Manufacturing Cleaning Association (MCA), formed in late 2020, has a new website. The streamlined resource provides members and industry visitors with information about manufacturing and industrial cleaning as well as its importance and benefits.

Executive Director Matt Gilmore worked with developers to launch the site in February with the goal of providing technical resources, standards, and community information.

“The new website is both comprehensive and easy to navigate,” said MCA President Sherry Stepp. “As an association, our goal is to answer the question ‘how clean is clean?’ The website does this by offering up-to-date articles, white papers, and other resources from Association members and experts.”

By visiting MCA’s new site, visitors can learn more about the Association, its members, updated cleaning standards, industry resources, member benefits, and industry-related events (including conferences and online communities).

MCA is an industry association that provides educational and training opportunities to create unique and engaging networking events for manufacturing and industrial cleaning professionals and to establish and hold strict industrial standards.