Laser Design Demonstrates CyberGage360 3D Scanning Inspection System at IMTS 2016


Laser Design, Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of CyberOptics and premier provider of ultra-precise 3D scanning systems and services, will showcase its CyberGage360™, a metrology-grade, ultra-fast, one-button automated 3D scanning and inspection system at IMTS 2016 in Booth #E-5810 and will demonstrate the latest in 3D scanning.

CyberGage360 greatly facilitates quality assurance by allowing anyone to be an inspector of in-process and incoming/outgoing parts on the manufacturing floor, lowering customers’ cost of quality and speeding products to market. With little training, anyone can check parts for any deviation from CAD or check critical features. Designed for use in general purpose metrology, the CyberGage360 has a range of potential applications for consumer electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, and other verticals, where high accuracy and high speed throughput are vital.

With one-button simplicity, a highly precise 360-degree scan of complex parts can be generated in less than three minutes. Incorporating CyberOptics’ proprietary 3D Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) technology, the automated CyberGage360 brings significantly greater accuracy and scanning speeds to the industrial parts inspection and reverse engineering markets.

“3D scanning of complex parts now simply involves opening a door, putting your part in, and pressing a button,” said C. Martin Schuster, president and CEO of Laser Design. “The result is a highly precise 3D scan with a full 3D inspection report in a matter of two to three minutes,” Schuster said. “We have integrated CyberOptics’ proprietary 3D MRS scanning technology for an unprecedented combination of speed, accuracy, and simplicity that has yet to be seen in the industrial 3D scanning markets.”

In addition to a series of products, the company also offers 3D services, which include 3D laser scanning services for reverse engineering, quality inspection, and to capture internal and external geometry.