GMTA introduces new Profilator 300-V with linear drives

An inside view of the Profilator 300-V by German Machine Tools of America. (Courtesy: GMTA)

German Machine Tools of America (GMTA), Ann Arbor, Michigan, is now selling Profilator 300-V with linear drives in the North American market.

This modular machine platform used to cut gears is equipped with one or two workpiece spindles in a compact design. It offers maximum flexibility due to modular design and is individually configurable for various machining processes (i.e. SCUDDING®, hobbing, cycloidal milling, pointing, chamfering, and deburring). State-of-the-art linear drives in the X and Y axis, as well as a torque drive in the A axis offers high machine dynamics for short cycle times and maximum accuracy/low costs.  High machine rigidity is available for HARD SCUDDING® of inner and outer diameters.

Additional features include an intuitive user interface for easy setup and programming and is industry 4.0 ready (optionally equipped with additional sensors). Various automation concepts are easily adaptable. The 300-V is easy to set up and maintain due to the “walk-in” machining area. An optional tool charger is available for maximum machining efficiency.

All Profilator machines are designed for dry machining. This brings several advantages such as an optimized machining area, no coolant, and no coolant mist. The inverted, vertical spindle(s) allow free chip fall into the central chip conveyor at the bottom, while no coolant means no washing of the workpiece is required, and the lack of coolant mist signifies an extraction system isn’t needed.

Users of the Profilator 300-V reap benefits regarding the environment, energy efficiency, investment, and operating costs. There is no carryover of the coolant outside the machine. Therefore, no disposal is required for this environmentally friendly machine. It saves energy and money by not requiring a coolant and extraction system. Lower operating costs are achieved thanks to a reduction in energy costs and media supply.