Faulhaber webinars offer home schooling for developers

Especially in drive technology, it is critical to learn continuously in order to identify innovative opportunities early on and apply them to the development of applications. (Courtesy: Faulhaber)

Learning never stops, so Faulhaber started a series of webinars for the purpose of continuing education from home. Each webinar examines a specific topic and is professionally moderated by a distinguished expert. Participants have the opportunity to experience its experts during discussions, where individual questions can also be asked. Modern, mobile, and multi-medial, Faulhaber webinars are invaluable when it comes to expanding knowledge — especially in the home office. Participation is free and requires only a one-time registration.

Webinar topics that have already been covered include:

  • Motion controller and speed controller.
  • The right technology for your drive solution.
  • Designing drives with the Faulhaber Drive Selection Tool.
  • Noise development in drive systems.
  • You can watch those webinars here: www.gotostage.com/channel/faulhaber-webinars
  • Future planned topics include:
  • Best practices when using C-motors Drive systems for space applications.
  • Motion controller MC 3001 B/P: Commissioning and possible uses.
  • Faulhaber Speed Controller: Optimal use and customer-specific adaptation.

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