Exact Metrology honors application specialist Greg Hoeting

Greg Hoeting received Exact Metrology’s first Golden Circle Award. (Courtesy: Exact Metrology)

Exact Metrology presented its application specialist, Greg Hoeting, with the first Golden Circle Award.

This award recognizes Hoeting’s achievements at the company within the past 11 years. Among these are a positive and long-lasting impact on internal and external customers, going above and beyond normal job duties to help team members or customers, creating new solutions and opportunities, and innovative thinking. In addition, Hoeting perfectly exemplified the goals, purpose, beliefs, and ethics of Exact Metrology.  He has also authored many articles, contributing to the body of knowledge at the company.

“Receiving the Golden Circle Award has been a great honor for me. Working at Exact Metrology is both challenging and rewarding. I continue to be fully committed to serving customers and contributing to the company’s development,” Hoeting said.

Steve Young, one of the company’s co-presidents said, “We are very happy to have Greg on our team. His dedication and knowledge are truly an asset for our company. We hope to continue offering this award in the future.”

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