Exact Metrology has successful open house in Brookfield

Exact Metrology personnel demonstrates scanner. (Courtesy: Exact Metrology)

Exact Metrology hosted its annual open house at its Brookfield, Wisconsin, location June 6. Many old clients, as well as new ones, were on hand to learn about the company’s new technologies. Clients attended several breakout sessions to discuss Polyworks software, Geomagic software, and GOM CT scanning.

Jonathan Bourchard, the director of sales and business development at Polyrix, was on hand to talk about the company’s scanners and software. According to Bourchard, Polyrix is a 3D scanning system with unique technology based on structured light. The scanner takes images from all angles, so users obtain a 3D image without operator interference. Next, the scan can be compared to a CAD model with Polyworks. Reverse engineering also occurs through Polyworks. Bourchard said most materials can be scanned except translucent materials and shiny concave surfaces.

3D Parts Unlimited, a printing service bureau, not only replicates parts, the company also reverse engineers them. Scott Boese, the company’s sales engineer, said complex parts are sent to Exact Metrology. The parts are scanned, and an STEO file is sent. Next, 3D Parts Unlimited prints it and sends it to their customers. Boese expressed interested in GOM and wanted to purchase a Romer Absolute Arm.

PolyWorks computer visualization. (Courtesy: Exact Metrology)

Dean Solberg, Exact Metrology’s co-president, said the open house was meant to introduce clients to new technology in the 3D-scanning world. The GOM CT scanner is a high-accuracy and high-resolution scanner new to the U.S. market. Polyrix’s multiple light systems are activated with a single button and can scan both large and small parts quickly. 

The Brookfield office is still expanding. Due to a continuous addition of equipment and capabilities, the space will soon be outgrown. As a result of its expansion, Exact Metrology has added a full-time training professional for Polyworks and Geomagic Design X and several contract inspection specialists.

Solberg said Exact Metrology has several opportunities for entry into new markets. One of these is its role as the only North American distributor of GOM CT scanners. The company is also excited about expanding in the Texas market.

Solberg said, “We are thrilled about the results of the open house, the attendees, and what the attendees learned. We look forward to holding this annual event again and introduce our customers to more and better technology.”

Exact Metrology is an ISO 9001:2008, AS9100, FFL and ITAR Certified Company.

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