Buehler launches the AbrasiMet XL Pro™ cutting machine

Buehler’s Dr. Evans Mogire, EU laboratory manager, and Raphael Ayasse, EU sales manager, demonstrate the AbrasiMet XL at Control 2019. (Courtesy: Buehler)

Buehler, an ITW Company, launched the AbrasiMet XL Pro™ large abrasive cutter at Control 2019 to provide consistency and repeatability in cutting large samples for production environments.

The AbrasiMet XL Pro allows the sectioning of high-quality cut samples with a diameter up to 7 inches (178mm) which is best in class for an 18” cutter. It also has a 10kW motor, the most powerful motor on the market for this size abrasive cutter, and uses 14-inch (355mm) to 18-inch (457mm) blades.

Quality control lab technicians in the automotive, aerospace, metals, and other manufacturing will minimize processing times and ensure consistency and repeatability while enhancing the quality of cut samples with the AbrasiMet XL Pro. Its durable design, intuitive user interface, and optimized chamber will make it the ideal cutter for customers using Chop, Y-feed, or Planar cutting types.

The AbrasiMet XL Pro meets rigorous demands of high-volume quality control with these features:

A touchscreen user interface with programmable methods reduces the time spent setting up for a cut by saving of cut parameters. This includes blade size, cutting type, serial cutting, and chamber wash-down. When processing a variety of parts, users can quickly load the specific program for their sample and begin cutting.

Accuracy in alignment and serial sectioning. The cutter has movement tracking system to allow for precise cutting parameters and a green laser for easy X-alignment. One joystick controls all three-axis movement of the cutting arm and t-slot table which allows the blade to be precisely positioned. With precise X, Y, and Z movement of the blade, multiple cuts can be made with one programmed cut.

Save time changing blades with the self-tightening lock nut. The only tool needed for changing a blade is your hand, eliminating the time and effort needed to find the right wrench and remove the lock nut with the added benefit of minimizing the risk of injury.

Easy to clean with the newly designed recirculation system that simplifies cleaning. A secondary filtration tank with a stationary filtering screen collects swarf which users can clean without changing out any coolant. Gone are the days of struggling to clean and empty a large and hard-to-remove tank.

Large windows and bright LED lighting. Allow users to observe the cutting process and quickly detect if the cutting process needs to be adjusted.

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