Buckeye Industrial supply marks 75 years in business

Buckeye Industrial, a Columbus, Ohio-based industrial products distributor with a location in Cincinnati, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. (Courtesy: Buckeye Industrial)

Buckeye Industrial Supply Company (BIS), a Columbus-based industrial products distributor with a branch location in Cincinnati, is celebrating 75 years in business.

“I am proud of reaching this milestone and look forward to recognizing the many people who have contributed to our good fortune,” said Rick Meizlish, president of BIS, which carries nearly 200 brands in more than a dozen product categories. “Being a third-generation family business for three-quarters of a century is possible because we have continually invested in team members, treated our customers like family, and created strong relationships with our suppliers.”

To make sure everyone in the company has the knowledge, skills, and attitude to serve customers to the best of his or her ability, BIS provides in-house and outside training to the greatest extent possible. That commitment to helping team members reach their potential has resulted in a culture of collaboration in which everyone is always dedicated to the goal of providing customers with an exceptional experience every time they deal with someone at BIS.

By treating everyone as if he or she were family, the company has won a high degree of trust with its customers. That level of confidence has resulted in more sales over the long term with those customers, and with customers who do business with BIS based on the recommendations of loyal customers they know.

The company began as a scrap materials dealer and, after about five years of operation, evolved into an industrial products distributor serving customers throughout the Midwest. Over the years, BIS has acquired other industrial distributors, including Ray Industrial Products, Inc. in Van Wert, Ohio, last year.

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