Brown & Sharpe Introduces “Fastest in Class” Micro-Hite CMMs


Brown & Sharpe Inc., a Hexagon Metrology Company, has introduced a new line of its Micro-Hite 3D series (small air bearing coordinate measurement machines) equipped with TESASTAR probes and PC-DMIS software. The Micro-Hite range is a complete system solution from Hexagon Metrology, designed for the entry level price points of under $25,000 for a manually operated CMM and under $35,000 for computer controlled models.

"The Micro-Hite CMM is a great example of Hexagon Metrology’s emerging systems solution approach to metrology products," says Bill Gruber, president of Hexagon Metrology North America. "This product combines content from four different Hexagon divisions: Brown & Sharpe, TESA, Wilcox, and Sheffield. The result is a product that is designed, produced and supported entirely by Hexagon divisions. This is a market strategy that Hexagon is committed to further developing in the months and years ahead."

"This is an entry level machine that doesn’t require any compromises", according to Christine Witkos, Micro-Hite product manager. "The DCC model comes in with ISO MPEE specs of 3.0+4L/1000, and acceleration of 1730mm/ second2–more accurate, plus five times faster acceleration than the model it replaced. That’s just unheard of at this price point."

Each Micro-Hite model features top-quality components such as granite worktables, glass scales, air bearings, and Hexagon’s patented "Tricision" bridge design. Each machine features a measuring envelope of 18x20x16.5 inches; large enough to inspect a wide variety of manufactured parts.

The machines will be produced in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, for NAFTA market consumption. The design of the product allows it to be manufactured around the world to support local market requirements. Simultaneous introductions are under way in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

For more information call Witkos at (401) 886-2603, or go online to [].