Bourn & Koch’s NEW 100H Series II Hobbing Machine


The 100H Series II Hobbing Machine incorporates the design and features of the Bourn & Koch 200H/400H Series II Hobbing Machines. Standard features include six CNC controlled axis; radial in-feed, axial feed, hob shift, hob spindle, work spindle, and hob swivel. New features include 6" of hob shift, standard Num 1050 CNC controller with Num digital drives with absolute encoders, conversational software, 2000 rpm hob spindle with five continuous Hp & 10 maximum peak Hp, full machine enclosure with stainless steel sloped guarding for wet or dry cutting capabilities, no hydraulics and easy placement tail center assembly with adjustable clamping force up to 500 lbs 3" stroke live center.

The 100H accommodates parts with a maximum swing diameter of 10" and a cutting diameter of 4.5". Typical quality results of AGMA Class 10 with a double cut cycle and AGMA Class 9 with a single cut cycle can be expected. The 100H weighs 7,100 lbs with a cube size of 78" X 64" X 72" high.

For more information, contact Bourn & Koch at (815) 965-4013, or via e-mail at Access their Web site at, and also visit them at Gear Expo booth #1134.