Bodine offers new AC inverter-duty hollow shaft gearmotors

Bodine Type 42R6-HG/H AC Inverter-Duty, 3-phase hollow shaft gearmotor. (Courtesy: Bodine Electric)

Bodine Electric Company introduced four new type 42R-HG/H hollow shaft gearmotors. These new geared motors combine Bodine’s type 42R inverter-duty AC 3-phase motor with a new hollow shaft type HG/H gearhead. When used with an AC inverter (VFD) control, the type 42R motor delivers variable speed and maintenance-free operation over a wide speed range. The new offset parallel shaft HG/H gearhead provides flexible mounting and high torque in a small package. Typical applications include conveyor systems, chip conveyors, patient mobility applications, food processing equipment, automated watering systems for greenhouses, and many other industrial automation applications.

Designed as a space-saving drive solution, the Bodine type HG/H hollow shaft gearhead is shorter in length but taller than comparable parallel shaft gearheads. The offset design allows the gearmotors to deliver high torque for their size through a range of gear ratios. The large center distance between the gearbox and the motor enables these units to be fitted with dual drive shafts. The HG/H gearhead also features large hardened helical and spur gears and needle bearings to ensure quiet, long-lasting operation.

Bodine’s HG/H hollow shaft geared motors optimize mounting space, simplify installation, and reduce the number of component parts. They can be connected directly to the driven load eliminating expensive shaft couplings and mounting hardware that can be unsafe, bulky, and present alignment issues. These hollow shaft gearmotors offer left- or right-hand face mounts for maximum application flexibility.

The initial product launch includes four standard gearmotor models with gear ratios from 27:1 to 108:1 with speeds from 16 to 63 rpm. Rated torque ranges from 294 lb-in (33 Nm) to 1,020 lb-in (115 Nm). Bodine type 42R-HG/H gearmotors are available with 230/460VAC Inverter-duty (3-phase) windings.

Bodine offers various terminal boxes that provide IP-44 protection for the type 42R-HG/H gearmotors. It also offers single-extension and double-extension, 3/4-inch (0.75”) stainless steel shaft kits, and a shaft cover kit for the non-extension shaft side.

Bodine’s new type 42R6-HG/H gearmotors and accessories are available through Bodine’s extensive distributor network or from the Bodine website. Custom options are available to qualified OEMs. Typical OEM modifications include custom windings, application-specific mounting options or special drive shafts.