In the market for keyseating equipment? With many years of experience—and new innovations available—these are the companies to call.

Mitts & Merrill

Mitts & Merrill’s desire to be the most innovative company in the keyseating and profiling market has resulted in a new generation of machines based on industry proven electromechanical drives and ballscrews for the stroke and infeed. The design criterion of this new machine type is that two concentrically arranged ballscrews are used for the strike movement. Due to this arrangement, the cutting power flows through the centerline of the machine. The measurement of the stroke and feed movement is controlled by encoders integrated into the drives, so one of the numerous machine failures caused by sensitive linear measuring systems is eliminated. The stiffness of the electromechanical drives improve workpiece finish, while also providing longer tool life. The basic models are equipped with a PLC (Simatic C7) with integrated panel for robust three-phase motors, but they can also be delivered in a PC version with synchronized servo drives. Hydraulic keyseating machines are also available and can be viewed at the company’s Web site, which is listed below.

Mitts & Merrill
615 Chippewa Rd.
PO Box 691
Harvard, Illinois 60033
(815) 943-3303

National Machine Tool Company

Manufacturers of keyseat millers since 1903, these machine tool attachments mill full depth keyways in blind or open-end bores in one pass. For use in gears, impellers, stub shafts, couplings, pump sleeves–any part requiring an internal keyway or slot. Closed-end oil slots, straight splines, radius arc splines, slots with radius corners or full radius, and V-shaped or two-step keyways can be produced. The company offers a complete line of stock-sized tools ranging from _” dia. to 3-1/2″ diameter, with an array of cutter widths available to meet customer requirements. Custom designs are also available. Tooling is manufactured for manual machines and is adaptable to CNC equipment.

National Machine Tool Co.
PO Box 25122
Cincinatti, Ohio 45225
(800) 528-6682

D.C. Morrison Company

The D.C. Morrison Company has been manufacturing keyseaters since the 1950s. Available models include one that cuts keyways up to 1-1/2″ wide, and another that cuts keyways up to 3″ wide. Both machines are capable of cutting keyways up to 14″ high. Morrison keyseaters are unique in several ways. First, they don’t use broaches or bushings. The operator simply interchanges cutters on the bar, then adjusts the cutter to the top of the piece to be keywayed. This gives the Morrison Keyseater the fastest setup time of all keywaying or broaching machines. Secondly, the company’s tooling is a fraction the cost of the broaching method. In addition, the Morrison unit saves space, with a 4′ x 4′ fooprint that does not require a pit. Extra features include automatic feed, automatic stop, variable speed, work light, taper keyways, and automatic lube. All machines are manufactured in the United States and come with a one-year standard warranty.

D.C. Morrison Co.
201 Johnson St.
Covington, Kentucky 41011
(888) 246-6365

Leistritz Corporation

The Leistritz Polymat series of keyseating machines are well suited for cutting small keys, yet heavy duty enough for huge keyways up to 7″ wide, as well as detailed or helical forms in bores. The Polymat machines use a traditional system of keycutting, using hydraulic force in a downward vertical direction against the work table. The Polymat machines have dual cylinders, with the cutting tool located between them to balance the forces. The available CNC control is a valuable time-saving device and can optimize the cutting parameters through fully flexible programming. The CNC feature also permits the use of a rotary table to produce helical grooves for special applications.

Leistritz Corporation
165 Chestnut St.
Allendale, New Jersey 07401
(201) 934-8262