Zoller continues capacity for innovation in tool presetting, measuring


Zoller, well known as a leading manufacturer of tool presetting and measuring machines, has developed more and more as a system provider over the past several decades. Some of its offerings include:


The Zoller “smile” is the universal presetting and measuring machine for standard tools. It’s easy to operate, constructed of exclusively high-quality brand name components, comes equipped with all standard measuring functions for professionally presetting and measuring cutting tools, and is suitable for use on the shop floor thanks to its robust, well thought-out design and construction. 

The high-precision SK-50 spindle and high-quality optics, combined with leading image processing technology allow for precise measurements, and the ergonomic, single-hand “eQ” operating handle allows for easy maneuvering of the optic carrier. The “smile” has a graphical interface to help guide the user through the »pilot« image processing technology. 

Simply put: The Zoller “smile” presetting and measuring machine is a must-have for companies carrying out machining work that are looking for a lasting solution for measuring their standard cutting tools.


The Zoller “venturion” is the premium presetting and measuring machine for all kinds of tools. The “venturion” is made from the finest components to ensure Zoller users have a reliable machine to preset and measure all their tools for years to come. Built with Bosch pneumatics, THK guideways, Uhing drives, and Heidenhain glass scales, Zoller knows that quality counts. Fully CNC-drives for both the X and Z axis as well as an autofocusing spindle allow for micron-precise measurements time after time. With Zoller’s “ace” (All Clamping Elements) spindle, users enjoy a changeover accuracy of just 1µ, ensuring consistent measurement results regardless of who is operating the presetter. 

Zoller’s intuitive pilot 3.0 software makes measuring even the most complex tool geometries a simple task. The new “eQ” one-hand control handle allows for ergonomic, comfortable maneuvering of the optics carrier. Data transfer is no longer a matter of manual entry into the machine control. With data output, users can send their tool offset information directly to the machine control from the pilot 3.0 software on the ”venturion,” minimizing the potential for human-error and thus creating greater process reliability. 

The Zoller “venturion” provides faster tool measurement, greater flexibility, safer processes, and the connectivity to prepare your company for Industry 4.0.

The Zoller “venturion” is made from the finest components to ensure Zoller users have a reliable machine to preset and measure all their tools for years to come. (Courtesy: Zoller)

TMS Tool Management Solutions

With Zoller TMS Tool Management Solutions software, users have the ability to have complete control over tooling. A single source database ensures every employee in the company is working from the same tool data. Users can store all critical measurements in the Zoller TMS Tool Management Solutions software, and can create a 3D virtual representation of the actual tool stores down to the compartment. This allows users to track exactly how much of any given item is stored in any cabinet or compartment in your shop.

TMS allows users to build and store setup sheets and access them through the software, showing the precise location of the parts and tools required for jobs. Users can book tools into a specific CNC machine and track where the tools are being used. This allows for total transparency in tooling, which leads to less over-ordering of tools that aren’t need and more complete control of overall tooling. Tool cost reductions are a significant benefit in adding Zoller’s TMS Tool Management Solutions software to a facility. 

Smart Cabinets 

The Zoller Smart Cabinets provide the perfect storage solutions for all single components, assemblies, holders, and accessories. Thanks to their connectivity to Zoller TMS Tool Management Solutions software, the Smart Cabinets allow users to precisely track the exact location of any given tool, and to track who checked the tool out, for which machine and too which job, all through the software.

With individually locking compartments, users maintain a high level of accountability and control over tools, and thanks to their modular design, users are able to customize the configuration of each cabinet to your precise specifications.

Manually or electronically locking drawers allows users to choose what works best. The Zoller Smart Cabinets are the best way to control tooling, components, holders, and accessories easily and transparently and significant reduce tool costs. 


The Zoller “cora” collaborative robotic assistant supports users in all standard tasks for tool preparation, fully automatically.

Tools can be picked, assembled, clamped, cleaned, and labeled, fully automatically. Thanks to its double gripper, components and tool assemblies can be securely gripped and positioned, either in the tool presetter, Smart Cabinets, or on the tool cart. Thanks to its integration to the Zoller Z.One tool database and TMS Tool Management Solutions, “cora” knows the precise location of assemblies and components.
For instance: “cora” can open the “keeper” cabinet, remove an assembled tool, insert it into a presetting and measuring machine, and start the measurement process, simply and quickly with very minimal programming effort. After opening or closing the cabinet, “cora” is swiveled 90° and doesn›t interfere with tool handling. 


Zoller “powerShrink” is the inductive heat shrinking device for HSS and hard metal tools, with which you can considerably reduce the fitting times in your manufacturing: In max. 10 seconds your tools are heat shrunk, cooled after just 40 further seconds, and are ready for production. The precise time to heat and cool depends on tool diameter.

 The Zoller “powerShrink” is easy to use, thanks to a turntable that allows quick and easy exchanging of different holders, and a quick heat-shrinking and cooling process. The modular design allows for individual adjustments to match specific needs, and users benefit from the high degree of rotation accuracy, long service life and reduced tool expenses.


The latest HSC machines work with high speeds and therefore need precisely balanced tools. The Zoller “toolBalancer” — the high-precision balancing system specifically for tool holders, grinding wheels and rotors — gives users precisely balanced tools, which can be adjusted individually to any requirements, even with future developments, all thanks to its modular design. 

This modern balancing system guarantees users a longer, controlled, effective, quick and high-quality production.

This measurably reduces rejection rates, machine downtimes, production costs and lead times.

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