Six Axis Swiss-type Turning Center from Tornos, New Distributor Named


Tornos Technologies’ new DECO 20s Swiss-type machine is targeted to automotive, electronics, connector, medical, and general manufacturing companies producing parts that are moderately complex and up to 20 mm in diameter.

According to the company, the DECO 20s is a "mirror image" machine, having almost an equal number of tools available for both the main and counter spindle. A total of 22 tool positions are available. Quick-mount powered or "live" tooling can perform milling and drilling operations in addition to turning so that many parts can be completely produced in a single setup. Further, special attachments can be incorporated to perform operations such as thread whirling and polygon milling, etc.

Simplicity, power, versatility, and an excellent price-to-performance package are the primary benefits of this new offering from Tornos. As part of the DECO series, the 20s also provides the speed of traditional cam-driven Swiss types with the flexibility of CNC.

Additional specifications include a maximum part length of 220 mm. Both the direct drive spindle and counter-spindle offer power of 3.7 kW (5.5 hp) and a maximum spindle speed of 10,000 rpm; Fanuc 30i control; programming software is traditional ISO G-code or Tornos’ dedicated TB-DECO.

In other news, Tornos Technologies U.S. Corporation has selected Texas Machinery Company to sell and support its machine tool line of Swiss-type turning centers, multispindles, and Esco coil-fed automatic screw machines. The company will serve Tornos’ customers in Texas. Texas Machinery is located in Dallas and can be reached at (800) 319-7687.

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