Shop Air Conservation System Available from Edmunds


With rising utility costs, many manufacturers are seeking ways to cut energy consumption, which includes the use of compressed air. To conserve this particular glutton of energy use, Edmunds Gages has developed Auto-AirT, an automatic air valve that switches on and off during air gaging applications and non-gaging time. The new optional Auto-Air package, available on Edmunds Gages’ column and CAGT amplifiers, provides significant energy savings. For companies performing air gaging operations every day, the savings can be thousands of dollars annually.

Upon application of the air tool, the Auto Air system senses the pressure build-up and automatically switches the air flow from minimal "cost savings" mode back up to normal for gaging use. The regulated air pressure stays active for a predetermined amount of time after the tool is removed from the part or master gage. This active gaging time period is easily selectable through the use of the "enter" button on the face of the column amplifier. Integrating a computer is unnecessary to download the time delay. Another benefit with Auto Air is that operators do not have to remaster the amplifier each time the air supply goes from minimal to normal.

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