PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Junker Offers Simultaneous Grinding With Three Grinding Wheels


With its various sizes and numerous grinding spindle versions, the Jumat series offers versatility, and the engineers at Junker have once again expanded their portfolio with the new Jumat 6S 18-20-18. The simultaneous use of three grinding wheels guarantees maximum quality by utilizing a single clamping setup with an extremely short grinding time.

All wheel heads feature a separate X and Z axis, which enables simultaneous workpiece grinding with all three grinding wheels. One grinding spindle ensures precise taper and plane surfaces (Z/X1), another takes care of the shoulder (Z/X2), while the last spindle grinds the internal diameter and shoulder (Z/X3).

Further advantages include the redevelopment of the gear wheel grinding, which is based on the use of a perfect workpiece support. This ideal support is achieved through the center clamp, consisting of hydrostatic bearing and precision power chuck. The center clamp enables the workpiece to be ground simultaneously on both sides.

The Jumat 6S 18-20-18 shows the potential that lies behind optimizing every detail for precision manufacturing technology — from low grinding tool costs as a result of extended grinding tool life to tailor-made solutions to meet customer requirements.