New MC-15 Kine Roller from Kinefac


Kinefac Corporation introduces a new-concept vertical rolling axis, two cylindrical die thread and form rolling machine to meet the needs of the global fastener manufacturing industry. In this powerful 25 ton (214Kn) compact machine the rolling axis is fixed and the two dies move uniformly toward the thread or form being rolled. This greatly simplifies the vertical automatic or manual loading of headed bolt and fastener blanks and eliminates the need for feed unit adjustments even with changed die diameters. Its stiff box structure provides excellent diameter control, three-side load and unload access, and a small footprint of about two by six feet. With dies up to 6 3/4" diameter and 4 1/2" face and die drives up to 20HP, it is ideally suited for parts from 3mm to 75mm in diameter. CNC die actuation and robot or automatic feed units are available for cell or system applications.

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