New Gleason PHOENIX® II 600HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine


Gleason’s new PHOENIX® II 600HC CNC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine features a breakthrough monolithic column design that optimizes dry machining, significantly reduces floor space requirements, and greatly improves cycle times.

Based on the highly successful Gleason PHOENIX® II 275HC, but designed for workpiece diameters as large as 600 mm, the new 600HC occupies 35 percent less floor space than comparable models in its class.

While the 600HC can accommodate wet cutting processes, it is particularly well-suited for dry machining. It is the only machine in its class with a cast-iron monolithic column design that eliminates the need for a conventional machine bed. The cutter spindle and work spindle are mounted directly to the column, and the cutter spindle pivots to create the root angle, rather than mounting the workspindle on a rotating base. This permits the shortest possible structural overhang of both cutter and work for maximum stiffness and thermal stability. It also enables hot dry chips to fall completely clear of the machine structure into a simple chip conveyor. This unique design greatly simplifies and speeds part load/unload and cutter changeover time; both the cutter and workpiece conveniently face the operator and are closer and more readily accessible.

The 600HC also features direct-drive spindle motors, which further reduces setup and machining times by eliminating the need for mechanical adjustments and change gears. Higher acceleration/deceleration rates and increased torque, combined with shorter, faster axis motions, reduce non-cutting time between cycles and increase overall productivity during machining.

Like the 275HC, the 600HC is designed to accommodate all styles and types of Gleason and non-Gleason cutters and cutter systems for face mill and face hob cutting of bevel and hypoid gears. It is available with a FANUC 160i CNC, and can be furnished with Gleason Machine ManagerTM software to simplify setup and operation in a Windows® environment.

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