New CEO Takes Helm at EFD Induction Group


Bjørn Eldar Petersen, a Norwegian executive with over 20 years of experience in the global automotive industry, has been appointed CEO of the EFD Induction Group. Petersen takes over from Eivin Jørgensen, who, as planned, has stepped down on his 60th birthday.

“I’m honored and flattered to be made CEO of this great company,” said Petersen from EFD Induction’s corporate headquarters in Skien, Norway. “In fact, I was once a satisfied customer of EFD Induction, back when I was a manager at Kongsberg Automotive plants in Hvittingfoss and Rollag, Norway. So I’m already familiar with EFD Induction, and how its products play key roles in everything from Formula One cars to wind turbines.”

A native of Oslo, Petersen earned an MBA from the Norwegian School of Management before being recruited by Kongsberg Automotive, the multinational manufacturer of driveline systems, power electronics, and other critical automotive components. Before taking over at EFD Induction, Petersen lived in China for over three years, where he headed up Kongsberg Automotive’s Asian operations.

For EFD Induction board member Truls Larsen, Petersen’s overseas experience and executive role in Asia mesh perfectly with the Group’s strategy. “EFD Induction is in the process of becoming a seamlessly integrated global player. It is a process that will no doubt be supported by our new CEO with his strong international background and outlook.” For more information, visit