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Fine Sizing for Worm Wheels and Crossed Helical Gears
For the calculation of worm wheels and crossed helical gears, fine sizing modules are now available (module ZD5 and ZE6).

The KISSsoft fine sizing is applied to gear optimizations of all kinds—from static strength to noise optimization. Thereby, the macro geometry is varied in desired areasand the optimal solution according to various criteria is selected from the calculated variants. Plastic helical gears can be directly calculated according to the new draft of the VDI 2736. %%1013_NB_KISS1%%

After the cylindrical and bevel gears, these fine sizing modules complete the sizing process for all toothings.

Custom Configurable Manufacturing Drawings for all Cylindrical Gears

For all cylindrical gears, custom configurable manufacturing drawings are now available in KISSsoft (module ZPK). The toothing data and a range of different graphics—such as flank modifications—can now be displayed in one graphic, output to screen or paper, and sent to the toothing manufacturer. At the same time, graphic position and scale can be set by the user on his own. Now toothing data can be easily arranged and placed on the graphic. The settings are saved in a separate file and thereby adopted for all gears. This approach favorsalso the definition of company standards. %%1013_NB_KISS2%%

Evaluation of Gear Modifications in the Radar Chart

Another highlight in the KISSsoft release is the extended settings and evaluation options for optimizing modifications of cylindrical and planet gears.

A new feature is that the face load factor KHβ can now also be calculated. This therefore reveals the direct influence of the tooth trace modification on the safeties of the classic tooth root and flank load capacities. %%1013_NB_KISS3%%

Modifications are evaluated in the radar chart, which also provides a very clear comparison, especially within different partial loads.

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