Software Engineering Service has been in business since 1984, specializing in software related to the gear industry. We maintain a standard line of software for the design, manufacture, and inspection of helical and spur gears. We are also familiar with the design and manufacture of hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutters, and plated grinding wheels. We have expertise in the design, generation, and manufacture of non-involute toothed forms and noncircular gears. We have extensive experience with N-C dressed grinding wheels, EDM gear and tool manufacture, and other general N-C services. We can also simplify your process through engineering, manufacturing, and inspection for many products by making a product-specific front-end program which ‘talks’ back & forth with our standard software to make an automated process whose busy-work is transparent to the user. Call us about available software or custom software. We are available for on-site instruction in the use of our software.

Standard and custom software for spur and helical gears — software for gear geometry, gear calculations, active-mesh graphics, change gear finding, gear grinding, gear hobbing, and gear inspection. Also software for non-involute forms, non-circular gearing, and NC operations.